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From sneaky fish to spitting cobras, hereare 8 animals with enough poison and venomto destroy you.8.StonefishThe most poisonous fish in the world, theStonefish is infamous for just how deadlyit is, and how innocuous it can seem froma distance.This makes the Stonefish even deadlier in some ways, as they like to blend into the stones and sands of the waters they inhabit, and because of this, they can be hard to see.There have been many cases of a person accidentallystepping on a Stonefish, and the result ofthe accident is death.That's because the Stonefish has 13 spineson its back, and that's what injects the verypotent poison into the body of the personin question.The only good news is that though it willbe extremely painful, it is treatable withoutthe antivenom (though it's recommended obviouslythat you get it immediately after a stinghappens).It's been found that drenching the stung areawith hot water can dissolve the venom insideof you.The other reason that the Stonefish are so feared is that they don't live in the depths of the ocean, they prefer very shallow waters, thus making them very likely to be found by people on beaches or those who take light dives into shallow areas.7.Poison Dart FrogFrogs themselves aren't known to be poisonous, but the few exceptions, like the Poison DartFrog, are the ones you should fear the most.On the surface, the Poison Dart Frog lookslike just another frog, albeit one that isgolden yellow.This is actually another name for it, theGolden Poison Frog (although some have been known to have bright blue bodies for the record, as well as other colors based on location and raising).Regardless of the name, the frog was originally found in Colombia and quickly made a name for itself.This species of frog secretes numerous kindsof poison via its skin.Including one of the most dangerous toxinsof all, Tetrodotoxin.What might surprise you though, is that whilehumans may not recognize the Poison Dart Frogon sight, its predators most certainly do.The frogs actually "color" their body to bea warning sign to predators looking for ameal.The frog, and its poison, soon became veryfamous in the regions it resides in, to theextent that tribes realized the potency ofthe poison that the frogs had, and would usethe toxins on blow dart guns for hunting andother activities.Hence the name "Poison Dart Frog", becausethat's what the poison would be used on.It's said that there is enough poison in aPoison Dart Frog to kill 20,000 mice.6.Brazilian Wandering SpiderThe Brazilian Wandering Spider is a speciesthat anyone going through the area of Centralor South America should be aware of.Not the least of which is because they’vevery aggressive spiders, and they don’tlike humans very much.In fact, they’re one of the few spider species that can not only cause great pain to humans, but their bites can be lethal in certain concentrations, as well as extremely painful and debilitating.Ironically, these spiders don’t act likeregular spiders in that they actually hideout during the day and go wander around theforests they reside in at night.Which makes it so that you’ll likely notsee them coming.As for their venom, it can cause extreme pain, salivation, irregular heart rate, paralysis and more.And if left untreated, it can definitely leadto death.The reason for this is the potency of thevenom, which is said to rival that of veryvenomous snakes.And now for number 5, but first be sure tosubscribe to World List if you haven’t already.5.Blue-Ringed OctopusThere are many terrors in the ocean waters, and the Octopus is definitely one of them.Besides their awesome arms, they're big, agile, and very smart.Yet, you wouldn't immediately think abouta species of octopus being toxic.But that's exactly what the Blue-Ringed Octopusis.For not only is this octopus toxic, it arguablyhas one of the most deadly toxins in the worldtoday.Why is that?It's because the Blue-Ringed Octopus' toxindoesn't have a cure at the moment, and ifpoisoned by the creature, treatment via artificialrespiration must be done immediately, elsethe victim will die.And since you'd likely be underwater whenyou were poisoned by the octopus, that wouldbe extremely difficult.Even if you did manage to make it happen, you'd have to keep doing it for an entire day just to make sure that the poison works its way out of your system.That's a lot of work and not feasible in many cases.Ironically though, the poison isn't injectedinto the body via the tentacles.Rather, it's done via its mouth.It'll bite a victim if it's spooked or steppedon, and that makes it a near-instant killfor the creature.Another irony is that while the Blue-RingedOctopus is very distinctive in appearance, it's actually rather small compared to other octopuses.At most, they get to be 8 inches long.But despite its size, it's definitely somethingthat all divers or swimmers should be on thelookout for.4.PufferfishWhen it comes to creatures who don't look deadly, but most certainly are when provoked, the Pufferfish is the embodiment of that statement and more.Who knew right?This, in fact, is rather ironic, because pufferfish looks like any other fish in the ocean.It doesn't appear to have spines or fangsor anything else that can be used to injectpoison.But when you provoke it, it became a livingball of death.The Pufferfish has the Tetrodotoxin poison, and this poison makes it deadly in every way imaginable because of the amounts it has within it.As a natural defense mechanism, the fish will fill its body with air and water and then expand into a ball-like form.Furthermore, all Pufferfish (and members ofits family) has spines within its body, whichare expanded more in this "defense form".So in the course of a second, it can turn from cute little fish into a spiked ball that is filled with poisonous intent.Literally.There is enough Tetrodotoxin in a Pufferfishto kill 30 humans, and there's no cure forthis particular venom.Touching it, eating, or any real contact witha Pufferfish can lead to near instant deathbecause of the amounts of venom within itsbody.What's more, cooking a Pufferfish is a dangerall on its own, because if you don't knowhow to extract all the poison from withinit, you'll die, which is why all countriesbut Japan and a few others have banned theimport of Pufferfish.So if you swim in the oceans where it lives, and you see it, keep your distance, you will most definitely live longer as a result.3.Black Widow SpiderOne of the most infamous spiders in the world, the Black Widow spider is known for many things, but its venom is what separates it from many spiders, and other creatures, in the world.But ironically, it's for all the wrong reasons.The venom of the Black Widow spider actually won't kill you unless various things happen, but that doesn't mean it can't ruin your life for a while.What’s more, people think that just beingaround a Black Widow spider is cause enoughfor it to bite you, it’s not the case.They actually won’t bite unless directlyprovoked.But don’t let that fool you, just becausethey won’t bite often, or be fatal, doesn’tmean their venom is something to laugh off.It’s one of the most dangerous venoms inthe world by far.They say that if you get bit by the spider, your life is “on hold” until you either wait it out or get treatment.Some of the things you’ll experience while under the power of the venom are cramping, irregular heartbeat, sweating, extreme muscular pain, tremors, and delirium.But there's more, the anti-venom actuallyisn’t an option unless the symptoms becomevery violent.Often times you’ll be given painkillers and told to wait out the first few hours, which can be the worst of it.But the other reason this venom is so legendaryis that its symptoms can last days or evenWEEKS.And until it’s out of your system, you won’tbe having a “normal day" in your life.So it won't kill you, but it'll make you miserablefor some time to come.2.King CobraThe King Cobra is, in fact, the longest venomoussnake in the world today, and it's earnedquite a reputation as a result of this fact.And obviously part of that fame is becauseof its size.On average, King Cobra can reach around13 feet in length, but, they can also get up to 18 feet in length at times.Their "trademark move" is one that has becomelegendary in TV and movies, the King Cobrawill actually "stand up" via raising its bodyvertically, and actually stare their preyin the eyes before striking them.Because of this, they can actually "stand"6 feet in the air, the size of a rather tallhuman.Technically speaking, the King Cobra doesn'thave the most potent venom in the world, butwhat it lacks in "potency", it makes up involume.A single bite from a King Cobra snake has enough venom to kill 20 men.Or...if you combine all that, a single bite can kill an elephant.What might be the most ironic thing about this is that the snake is actually very shy, and prefers to stay out of sight, especially around humans.But, when it is trapped or threatened, it'llbecome the most aggressive thing around.1.Box JellyfishThere are many ways to describe the pain ofa bite, especially when it has venom pouringinto your body.But when it comes to the Box Jellyfish, one victim actually went very poetic about it all: “Your heart strains too hard and so with the rest of your body.Every nerve ending alerts you, in the mannermost suited to it, that you are being attacked.Only your consciousness works well, or wellenough to remind that you are just alive.It always obeys pain.You make rash decisions as fear takes control.You miss your last allies: strength and hope as the neurotoxin enters your body and introduces consciousness to absolute pain.”Aside from the pain, the power of the venomof the Box Jellyfish is capable of killingyou within 5 minutes of the sting if not treatedproperly.Making it a race against time to get curedbefore it's too late.And while you might think, "Oh, just avoidthem!", the Box Jellyfish are actually prettytransparent, so it’s incredibly tough tosee them, let alone get away from them, asthey can grow up to ten feet in length, ormore depending on the species.The Box Jellyfish has without a doubt themost potent venom in the known world today.Thanks for watching!What did you think about these amazingly powerful creatures?