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Can You Learn a Language While You Sleep?

The idea that you can play pre-recorded audio material in order to learn a language while you sleep has been around for quite some time, but where we decades ago had to deal with cassette tapes and not a whole lot of science to back it up with things now look a bit different, With the rise of the internet language sleep learning has enjoyed a renaissance.

So let's have a closer look at the science and what we know today, Can you actually learn a language while you sleep?

The answer is...No.
You cannot learn a language while you sleep And if you think about it, that makes sense Because, after all, if it were possible you would most certainly have heard more about it since it would essentiallyrevolutionize our entire society. But that aside there are things to be said about the interaction of language learning and sleep.

Okay, so the key thing about language learning and sleepis that you cannot learn new information when you're not awake, That means, that in order to learn pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, whatever it may be it's necessary to be awake, since all of them require active learning which is literally not possible when you're not conscious. However, while you cannot learn new things in your sleep sleep is still one of the single most important things when it comes to the learning process.This is because, while we learn new things during our waking hours.

we consolidate these things to our memories when we go to sleep.In other words, when we learn a new word during the day its not until we fall asleep that we actually start to seriously commit it
to our long-term memory. This is also the reason why sleep deprivation is one of the worst enemies to learning there is and the reason why it's actually a good idea to take naps when studying since any sleep you get will help you retain the information you've gained since last waking up. But while the effects of sleep on memory consolidation and by extension learning has been pretty established for quite a while there's also a more recent hypothesis regarding how the brain actually does this which may or may not have ramifications  for how we can use sleep to our educational advantage. What I'm talking about, is the active system consolidation hypothesis'
which is one of the two main competing hypotheses regarding memory consolidation.

No, you cannot learn a language in your sleep. Learning anything requires you to be awake. Sleeping does, however, help you remember things that you've already learned. And, it might be possible to get a 10% retention boost from using TMR while you sleep but it's not at all certain that it's a good idea to actually do it. My own, personal, take on this entire sleep learning business is this: I honestly understand why people want this to be a thing but in the end, it is false hope. It is yet another case of people wanting to learn how to do something without actually doing it.Learning languages is like learning any other skill it requires effort and I think that when you stop hoping for magic and realize the correlation between what you put in and what you get out that's when you can finally get started for real.