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hey guys here are eight places lost to history numbereight now row is an island country that can be found in the PacificOceanit's actually halfway between Hawaii andAustralia it's only eight square milesbut at one time it was known as one ofthe most pleasant islands in the world it was first inhabited around 3,000years ago if not more by theMicronesians and the Polynesians andduring their time on the island therewere about twelve different tribes thatlived there and this is why thecountry's flag has a twelve pointed starupon it as an island nation.

The peopleheavily relied on the fruit of the treesand the fish in the waters to get themtheir food in fact now Rou actuallytranslates to I go to the beach in 1798a British captain named John fern sawthe island and gave it the nickname ofPleasant Island because of itsvegetation and very green terrain theproblem though was that after beingannexed and taken over by the UnitedNations and other parties the island wasstrip mined because it has phosphate init a highly valuable substance because of the veracity of the mining the islandwas left to ruin and now it holds aprison and is known for various darkdeals number seven Syria's HeritageSites war is known to have manycasualties.

This is a fact we know butthe casualties often go beyond humanlife and stretch out to the very worldthat's being destroyed by these warsSyria in recent history has been goingthrough a lot via its own war and a bigcasualty to this war the World HeritageSites the country has proudly shown offfor years for example in 2012 a firecaused by the war burned down the famedaleppo souq in 2013 the crac dechevaliers whole was hit by a bomb andpartially destroyed thoughreconstruction has begun by the time2014 came around about 300 heritagesites in Syria were eitherdamaged or destroyed because of the warmeaning that hundreds of pieces of thecountry's history are lost a time orwill never be the same againnumber six add two cama desert artifactsin Chile there is a desert known asatacama and it is in fact the driestplace on the face of the earth.

This isdue to the lack of moisture in theatmosphere while this makes the placerather uninhabitable it does make it theperfect place to preserve the writingsand artifacts of the pre-columbianpeople that resided there for quite sometime archaeologists have found numeroussites in the area and they held insightsinto the people who lived in the AtacamaDesert this includes massive drawingsmade by them known as geoglyphs howeverstarting in 2009 the Atacama Desertbecame home to something unexpected arally race called the Dakar Rally whilethis may have been okay in context theorganizers of the event didn't take intoaccount the preservation aspect of thearea and so the races bulldozed throughvery sensitive archaeological areas andruined numerous drawings and artifactsjust the 2011 race damaged 44% of thesites in the area and the race continuesto go on to this day damaging more andmore of these ancient artifacts number 5Tibetan monasteries the people of Tibetare a very religious culture and one of the things they value more than anythingelse is their monasteries where they goto pray and perform their rituals butwhen China invaded Tibet back in 1950they repressed the people's rights andmade examples of their monasteries byburning them to the ground since thatinvasion 6,000 monasteries weredestroyed and that's to say nothing ofthe hundreds of thousands of people thatwere tortured or killed by the Chineseduring said invasion by 1978 only 8monasteries in Tibet remained and therepression of their religion and ritescontinues though the remaining Tibetanmonks said to be less than a thousandnow they are fighting to end this reignof terror and rebuild what was lostnumber 4.

The Library of Alexandriaeasily one of the biggest losses interms of academia theLibrary of Alexandria was said to be oneof the largest and most famous librariesin the world during its timewhat's forgotten is that it was actuallyjust one half of a building and was alsoconnected to a museum it was created byPtolemy Soter ancestor to Cleopatra andmaintained by his people during thethird century BC however the library wasnot to last as the place was burned tothe ground with all its immenseknowledge taken with it but there aresome who claim the library was actuallyin decline by the time it was apparentlyburned down by Julius Caesar regardlessof how it was taken down though it'swidely considered one of the greatestlosses of knowledge in human historynumber three the Hanging Gardens ofBabylon it's likely not a stretch to sayyou've heard of the Hanging Gardens ofBabylon at one point in time or anotherthis place has been called one of theseven ancient wonders of the world sincethey named said wonders however despitethe claim of it as a wonder it'sactually never been foundso if it's never truly been found why is it such a noted piece of history well itall started with a document written by Berossus of Babylon who noted that inthe time of 600 BC king nebuchadnezzarii had the Hanging Gardens built inhonor of his wife a mattis though otherssay.

 It was made by the Queen Semiramisin the ninth century BC now according tothe documentation the gardens didn'tactually hang but because of how theplants grew in the garden it did drapeover the architecture that's how it gotits name the topic of the HangingGardens is tricky because Babylon didexist and had a nice time as the centerof an empire many feel that the cityitself was actually in what is now Iraqhowever despite knowing where the cityis the gardens were never seen in anypart furthermore outside of Berossus theonly other documented mention of theHanging Gardens of Babylon was by aGreek historian named Theodora Siculusand a few other Roman writers there's noother mentions anywhere of it includingimbalance in texts where you would thinkthe people who'd made the garden wouldtalk about it but they didn't so whathappened to the legendary hanging garof Babylon three theories exist that mayexplain its absence one was that thegardens were a myth made up by thepeople for one reason or another thesecond theory is that the place was realand then was destroyed either by man orby nature this is the theory that manybelieve given the turbulent nature ofthe land in the time period and therewere recorded earthquakes around thetime.

It was lostfinally the legend could actually referto another garden one that was nearMossel regardless of what it was orwasn't people are still searching forthis wonder of the worldnumber two Atlantis the legend ofAtlantis is one that spans many culturesand some believe that despite its legendstatus that it's actually a real place Iwas obsessed with Atlantis when I was akid man he talked about Atlantis eventhough we can't actually confirm that itwas a real place yet many think it isand many are searching the oceans for itto this day and given that many lostcities have been found underwater itgives hope to those who feel that ittruly does exist.

 The first record ofAtlantis ever being mentioned at all wasin 360 BC by the legendary philosopherPlato he described an island nation thathad more advanced technology than anyonein the world before or possibly sincefurthermore it was said to have a navythat was unmatched but in 9600 BCsomething happened to Atlantis and it'ssank notice that there's a nine thousandthree hundred year difference from whenPlato writes about Atlantis and when itapparently sankwhy didn't no one talk about it beforethat time regardless of the lack ofhistorical proof there have been manyexpeditions to try and find definitiveproof that Atlantis exists and whilethat has gone on there are many storiesand legends with in pop culture aboutAtlantis as a nation there is DC Comicsand Marvel who each have their owninterpretation of what Atlantis is andisn't and who rules it in DC ComicsAtlantis was sunk by the gods or afterNeptune used his legendary Trident toprotect the city from danger depends onthe time period and has resided in thebottom of the ocean ever since it isindeed a legendary city that has veryVance technology as well as magic andit's one of the homes of Arthur curryaka Aquaman Atlantis may indeed be alegend but it's a legend that honestlyinspires people to think about what ourworlds used to be and what it can stillbe to that end.

If they prove Atlantis isreal then our entire world's historywould change in an instantand because of that it's worth riskingeverything to try and find the slightestproof that it was or is real number 1Mesopotamia well technically not lost tohistory the land known as Mesopotamiawhich many consider the birthplace ofman in some ways looks nothing like whatit did back in the earliest days ofhistory in fact Mesopotamia is said tobe the birthplace of written history thearea itself is part of Southwest Asiaspecifically between the legendaryTigris and Euphrates River system it wasa place that was settled as far back asthe Paleolithic era and by 14,000 BC thefirst semblances of a civilization tookform it was in Mesopotamia that certainhistory-changing inventions were madebut the wheel Maps Sailing writing andof course true civilization they wereliving in houses of circular nature bythe time 14,000 BC came around andaround 5,000 years laterthis civilization learned how to farmand even use the waters of the TigrisEuphrates via irrigation the people ofMesopotamia continued to grow until theywere able to form their own cities likearuch in 3200 BC if you're curious thereason that it's lost to history isbecause for many thousands of yearsafter its colonization the land would betaken over by many different tribes ofpeople the Acadians the Babylonians theHittites and even Alexander the Greatduring his reign and now it's justanother part of the world but at onetime it was very nearly the birthplaceof modern human society thanks forwatching what did you think of theseplaces lost to history do you don't haveany other place that met a similar fatelet me know .